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Symi , Telos, Chalki, Kastellorizo
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The Monastery reports to the recently (in july 2004) founded, Holy Metropolis of Symi, whose competence is to the Ecumenical Patriarchat.

The Metropolis consists of Symi, where its premises are cited the islands of Telos, Chalki, Kastellorizo.

A conservancy (council) consisting of the Prime, the Maire, and the citizens, is at the head of the administration of the Metropolis.

The conservancy meets once a month. The members of the council vote and their decisions are to be approved by the Bishop so as to become legal.

The Monastery is not a public entity. It legally has a permanent stuff of 35 persons. (blue and white collars).

There is a manager of the technical works, supervising the works of infrastructure, and the reservation of the building.

There are also several specialists working here, such as a carpenter, a driver technicians, builders, a gardener, scaffies, chambermaids, cookers etc.

The administration offices are situated within the Monastery premises. The administration is exercised by a Secretary Officer, a warehouse man, a financial manager, under the supervision of the abbot.

In the monastery, there is a nursery home where 20 over aged natives can find professional health care and  warm shelter. In this unit, skilled health workers specialized in this kind of care, are working on a 24 hours basis.

The foundation premises

The new building of the foundation has been built in the most high standards offering 20 bedrooms, a comfortable living room and a fully equipped cooking preparation department.

Next to these quarters, the Monastery has recently paid for the building of a new church.

In this chapel -where the Evangelists Marcus and Mathew are honored- the guests of the Foundation can find spiritual comfort.

Around the Panormitis Monastery, there are rooms to rent to the visitors, in extremely low prices. Many pilgrims choose to enjoy the landscape and the spirituality of the orthodoxy.

A visitor may have access to the Monastery either from the island of Rhodes or by the port of Symi-island.

Buses or private cars and taxis can cross the mainland of the island along from the port up to the Monastery.

Similarly, many boats sail from Rhodes island every day at 09.00pm (during summer). The visitor can take breakfast or lunch, in the restaurant, the traditional wood oven and the caf of the monastery.

The foundation of Panormitis supports the social life pf the natives in many ways.

35 natives work for its nursery home and it supports financially many destitues, as well.

The foundation also sponsors many organizations and gives many scholarships to students. On the name day of the angels, on November 8th, every year, the Monastery honors the Holy angels of the sky.

Thousands of pilgrimers come here to celebrate together the Archangel Michael.

After the holy liturgy, the icon of the Archangel Michael is carried around the Monastery (it is a tradition in Greece).

The Monastery gives a reception open to any pilgrims arriving that day- according to the port authorities, the arrivals of the name day rise to the enormous number of 7000.


The orthodox church honors the angels as sacred and holy uncarnated creations of Cod, that lie between Him and humanity, so as to support our savior in many ways.
This is exactly the definition that Paul the Apostle gives in his Epistle to the Jews (Jews a14).

Angels had been created before material had been done, and are named after the transmission of the will of God to humans.

In the Holy Bible there are many references to millions of Angels as well as in the writings of the fathers of the church. St, Chrysostomos clearly refers to them in one of the prays in the holy liturgy that he had written.

Fathers (Pateres) of the Church, following the Bible teach us that the Angels are derived in nine sections: Tagmata : angels, archangels, thronoi (thrones), kyriotites (possessions), arches, exousies (authorities), dynameis (powers), cheroubim, seraphim.

The angels, as spiritual substances, feel no need to have body, thus they dispose no carnation.

Following Gods concession, once they appear before humans, they adopt a body, in order to fulfill their vocation. Subsequently, there is no time limit to them (they are ageless) they do not experience tiresome or pain nor do they stop before space obstacles and frontiers.

They have in their disposal the whole universe still they are not omnipresent they are restless and do not stop before walls and doors. They (conceive) hear and see the actions that humans do and approve: that is, they feel happiness or sadness according to our activity. This is clearly stated in a reference in the New Testimony (Mathews XXV31).

According to the 6th chapter of Hessaia the prophet, angels are mainly evocated to the perpetual doxology of God.

Cherouveim and Seraphim  wander flying around the Throne of the God, in the aid of their six wings.

Two of their wings cover their face as they can not face the Master. Two others cover their feet showing respect to Him and the aid of the rest two, Cherouveim and Seraphim fly rendering the victorious Hymn: Holy Holy Holy Master Sabaoth.

In Genesis, ten sections Tagmata of angels had been created. The tenth section had been exactly that of the Eosfor (Lucifer), who motivated by his exceptional pride and arrogant egoism fell from the enviable position he had.

He turned to from angel to devil. According to bibles references, he deceived many angels and the sky was rend apart and angels started to fall. It was then, that the archangel Michael called all the angels and stood amongst them crying:

And the fall came to an end.


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